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“Shoot for the stars but if you happen to miss shoot for the moon instead.”
Neil Armstrong


As a child I elected to attend summer school. My love for learning and working with children led me down the path of speech & language pathology. Four years into my private practice, a mom asked me if her son could "just go to school with you". Two weeks later the clinic was registered as  a private school. Now, almost 10 years later, the Entirety K-12 family has created a culture of learning where not just one but many students can enjoy their love for learning. A type of learning that engages all minds. -Founder, Dr. Penny Bryson                                                                   

About Us


An Individualized Education Where diverse learners thrive

Our research-based program is designed to maximize growth in every area of a child’s development: academically, physically, socially, and emotionally. Students dive into a comprehensive curriculum that develops the whole child through core academics enriched with physical education, visual and fine arts.


A Place for Creative Expression Developing gifts & talents

This cross-division teamwork, along with small class sizes and a student-teacher ratio allows for the thoughtful, individualized approach that characterizes our private school. Faculty serve as mentors to each child, as they inspire gifted students to unlock their full potential and transform struggling learners into well-grounded scholars who are proud of their accomplishments. 


An Inclusive, Celebratory Community Where students feel like they belong

A wide variety of extracurriculars allow for a strong focus on experiential learning which cultivates students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills and develops the creativity and collaboration that are hallmarks of 21st-century learners. 

A place where my future became possible. - Matt Starry


At Entirety K-12 (EK12), we cultivate an environment where a diverse student body, ranging from gifted students to those with learning differences, can thrive. We believe that when students are engaged in their own education, with the freedom for creative thought and exploration, they become natural learners who excel. 

A Nurturing & Supportive Environment Focused on student well-being


Student well-being is at the heart of EK12. Here, this private school is not equated with stress, but with the freedom to imagine, create, and rediscover the joy of learning. We integrate therapeutic and relaxation techniques into every aspect of the day – from the simple practice of removing shoes after entering the school to mindfulness moments. In classrooms, faculty play music, integrate yoga, and diffuse essential oils to stimulate brain activity and promote calmness. Children are free to respectfully move around the classroom and find a comfortable position in which to learn. This focus on student wellness leads to more harmonious and productive classrooms, as even the youngest learners are equipped with the resources they need to find inner balance, focus on lessons, and collaborate with classmates.

A Dedicated Faculty Equipped to unlock student potential


Dedicated, caring educators are the foundation of EK12. Highly effective, qualified teachers and staff work as a collaborative team to help students meet high expectations through an intentional balance of challenge and support. Through regular planning sessions, they assess student growth to help every learner meet appropriate developmental, academic, and personal goals. With the freedom and flexibility to develop curriculum that engages student interest, EK12 faculty love what they do and spread positive energy. Their enthusiasm is contagious. Our students do what was once thought impossible — they look forward to the next day of school.

Block 3 Spotlight

Caden Shannon


Another great addition to the ek12 family. Caden is one those guys that just makes you feel good when he's around. He works hard, smiles often, and is a role model to those around him. He is patient, kind, and you can always be assured he is thinking of others. -Ms. Kim

Meet the Galiardo's


What a family! It has been a pleasure working with these two boys everyday and we thank Joe & Dana Galiardo for sharing Zakery and Colin with us. The boys look for every opportunity to learn something new and strive to always be their very best. -Mr. J

Nyla Liddles


Teachers call her a leading lady because she leads by example. Another one who always has a smile on her face. It's a joy to have her in class as she is the reason teachers teach. You can always catch her doing the right thing. -Ms. Kristi




Block 4 Calendar


Week 1

Event Details


Week 1

2 Monday: Binder Check! Make sure your binder is not tethered and it is completely organized. 

3 Tuesday: Talk Tuesday! “Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become yourcharacter; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”

4 Wednesday: World Wednesday - Wear your favorite attire from any where around the world. Be prepared to answer questions of what your wearing and why.

5 Thursday: Think Thursday! Think about someone who needs your holiday cheer this year!

6 Friday: Talents & Tools Progress Reports emailed home.                   


Week 2

Event Details


Week 2

9 Monday: Binder Check! Make sure your binder is not tethered and it is completely organized. 

10 Tuesday: Taco Tuesday! Join us at Enchilada's in Brooksville for $1 Tacos. 

11 Wednesday: World Wednesday- Wear your favorite attire from any where around the world. Be prepared to answer questions of what your wearing.

12 Thursday: Thank someone Thursday! Thank someone who has changed your mindset from negative to positive.

13 Friday: Talents & Tools!

14 Saturday: Brooksville Christmas Parade. 10 a.m. Come out and cheer on the ek12 Float Team!


Week 3 - Holiday Literacy Week

Event Details


Week 3 - Holiday Literacy Week

16 Monday: Santa Comes to Florida - Dress up as a Florida tourist.                               

17 Tuesday: The Broken Ornament - Comes as your favorite elf. 

18 Wednesday: How To Build A Snowman - White Out Wednesday. 

19 Thursday: Compare and Contrast of The Nightmare Before Christmas & The Night Before Christmas - Wear your Christmas Pajamas.

20 Friday: Talents & Tools!

12/23/19 - 1/3/20

Holiday Break

Event Details

12/23/19 - 1/3/20

Holiday Break

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Event Details

Entirety K-12 2019/2020 Application Process

Step 1: Submit Application with Supporting Documents

Step 2: Preliminary Interview and Entrance Evaluation  $175

Step 3: Enrollment Forms and Enrollment Fee of $150

Florida Scholarships

John McKay

For students in the public school with and Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

Step Up For Students

Income-based Scholarship


Special Needs Scholarship


Economically-Disadvantaged and Disabled Students


Scholarship for Bullied Students 

Family Empowerment

Income-based Scholarship

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